New Book Me Power Deciphers One of the Most Misused Words in the 21st Century


New Book Me Power Deciphers One of the Most Misused Words in the 21st Century

WASHINGTON, DC. (September 28, 2022) — The word “empower” is a buzzword now, but are we as a society using it correctly? That is one of the questions answered by LaNysha Adams, Ph.D., author of Me Power (ISBN: 979-8-88504-569-8). This 252-page self-help book dissects the word “empower” and challenges its usage and meaning with a play on the word. Since launching last week, it has already hit Amazon’s #1 New Release in Philosophy & Social Aspects of Education.

Me Power directs us to look inside and tap into the power within. It is a call to revisit self-knowledge and flex our inner strengths.

Manifested through five principles:

  1. Embrace Your Barriers,
  2. Focus On Your Strengths, 
  3. Speak for Your Life,
  4. Choose Your Guide(s), and 
  5. Ritualize Your Reflection.

Dr. Adams challenges readers to forge their identity, stop waiting for the approval of others, and take control of their lives.

The Ivy-League-educated linguist and founder of award-winning consultancy, Edlinguist Solutions, comprised these principles from years of research.

Dr. Adams examines the major misuses of “empower” that proceed from three misconceptions. The first is that many believe power is a finite resource distributed amongst individuals depending on rank or status. The second is that power relies upon personal approval from someone else. The third is that if one party gains power, this automatically means the opposite party has less power.

“All three of these interpretations miss the prefix of empowerment, -em, meaning, ‘Me!’” Dr. Adams asserts. “Defined correctly, empowerment is an infinite resource from within, not crippled by others, and not based on others. Me Power is about putting your oxygen mask on first, metaphorically. Yet, you cannot express Me Power without some sense of ‘we’ or community.”

Join Dr. Adams in conversation as she is interviewed on our nation’s podcasts and airways, where she shares empowerment stories and her expertise on graduate school admissions and completion, life balance, and first-generation college student career advice.

Me Power is available now in electronic versions and, starting October 22, 2022, will be available in bookstores and online at most major retailers. For digital copies, click here: 

Stay connected with Dr. Adams on social media (@edlinguist) and her website,



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Title: Me Power

Author: LaNysha Adams, Ph.D.

Publisher: New Degree Press

Publication Dates: Digital September 22, 2022. Paperback October, 22, 2022.

Number of Pages: 252

Genre: Self-Help / Philosophy, Theory & Social Aspects / Inspiration & Personal Growth

ISBN: 979-8-88504-569-8 (paperback) 979-8-88504-894-1 (kindle) 979-8-88504-685-5 (digital ebook)